WeFab days 14-16 aprile

WeFab is a three-day event during the Milano Design Week. It is hosted by a collaborative clothing platform, OpenWear, and by Vectorealism, your beloved digital fabrication facility based in Milan.

WeFab offers Milano Design Week’s visitors a way to explore creative possibilities with new technologies such as 3D printing and laser cutting.
WeFab exhibition will feature objects, installations and performances that explore the cross-fertilization of new production technologies and collaborative ways to design and make products.
Highlight of the WeFab program is the Design Smash contest, where designers from all across Europe will go from idea input to output of real object by the end of the evening.

3…2…1… The horn blows and a group of designers throw back a stiff drink before plunging into work. They are producing a laser-cut object… a design that will hit the shelves in under a week. They have 4 hours to accomplish what most do in a month, but armed with liquid bravery, a bit of training and all the materials they need, they smash out a design as you party around them. At the end of the night, you decide who gets the biggest prize and the pieces are produced in front of you… on-the-spot.

At our DesignSmash events, designers can get from idea to a product within hours, just in time to join the party. We provide the music, materials, a live laser cutter, alcohol and an on-the-spot brief. We all have moments in our lives that are more energetic, productive and inspired than others. When you design for us, we help you get the most out of your time, so that the potential of an idea becomes apparent very quickly.

There will also be a conference session hosted by the University of Milan, as well as workshops about making products by using Arduino with Solar Panels.

WeFab’s location is a club near Zona Tortona, which will feature with three full days of live music shows, dj sets and will host a temporary shop selling handmade productions.

The complete schedule and the registration form are available at www.wefab.it

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