Secondo approfondimento sui progetti presentati a WeFab – Design Smash: ecco la serra da scrivania di R.E.D. lab – Studio Griffa. Se volete realizzarla con la Personal Factory, il file grafico del progetto è disponibile gratuitamente qui!

Our design proposal is a desk greenhouse, because we think that a little bit of nature brings joy in the workplace… and if necessary provides a snack!The greenhouse is modeled in Rhinoceros, through T-spline plug-in. This process opens up the possibility to work with mesh, using poligonal modeling tool, and to maintain smooth and organic shapes as nurbs. Starting from a parallelepiped, composed by six polygons for side, we smooth it and then we transform its single faces (polygons). Once moved and scaled, a bridge is applied on two not planar faces, creating a void that will be the housing for the plants. For the final prototype, the 3D model is layered with the paneling tool plug-in. The sections are design taking into account the post insertion of the plants between the layers, the need of a structure and the clips applied.Among the many materials provided by Design Smash, we chose frosted acrylic sheets. Two A4 sheets were enough for our cut drawing, after the cutting we assembled the prototype and implemented it with little plants and blue and red LEDs, that provide light to grow plants and create a scenografic atmosphere.

To download the cut drawing click here

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